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Key Benefits

  • DSW’s partner organisations can advance through the insport programme with ease, tracking their progress towards award levels.
  • Sharing and management of documents is made simple with the use of a central resource hub.
  • Touch-of-a-button data exporting: Excel reports can be easily generated using filtered data, and backups can be created quickly and on a regular basis.
  • Improved communication between DSW and partner organisations via the online portal and built-in discussion forum.


Disability Sport Wales is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 1985 with the sole purpose of facilitating the participation of disabled people in sporting activities. Granted charitable status in 2011, the organisation’s aim is to create a ‘nation of champions’ in Wales by working towards a more inclusive, accessible sporting sector.

The Challenge

DSW’s insport program allows sporting organisations to achieve qualifications at various levels that formally recognise their commitment towards, and ability to deliver, sport programs, training, facilities and more to disabled people in Wales.

As part of the insport project, DSW required a centrally controlled online portal for participating clubs, National Governing Bodies and Local Authorities to provide, and access, information relating to their insport journey. The portal needed to provide a facility for uploading and managing award progression documents for Case Officers to access and approve.

To facilitate communication between DSW and partners, a direct link to the Case Officers was needed, as well an online discussion forum for organisations going through the insport process to seek and provide guidance and advice.

The Solution

The finished portal, created by Logic Software, contains the features required by DSW and facilitates the day-to-day running of the insport programme.

Key software features include the ability to create ‘strands’ for different award structures, allowing organisations to be assigned award paths most relevant to them. Within each ‘strand’, entirely different structures and qualification requirements can be established. Different access levels were added, meaning organisations can only view the information relevant to them, such as their own award progress. DSW administrators can access and view all insport information, allowing for the programme to be centrally controlled.

The system also includes a resource library area for useful supporting documents to be shared, and the upload facility supports a variety of commonly used file types, such as Microsoft Word files and PDFs. The discussion forum DSW required has been implemented via the use of carefully-selected third-party software, which Logic Software then integrated into the portal.

Data covering several aspects of insport’s operations (such as information on different organisations and their award progress) can be exported from the software as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Data exported is structured into relevant groups – tutor name, course location and distribution for training initiatives, for example – so reports can be quickly generated within Excel. The export feature is also used for easily creating well-organised data backups.

The Benefits

With this centrally controlled database we have seen many partners using the platform with ease. The fully accessible platform has been a great and easy to use tool. It has allowed comprehensive management of our Disability inclusion Training workshops and the forum which allows everyone to share experiences as well as disseminating vital information

Nia Jones, Administration Officer

The software is used on a daily basis by DSW’s Development Officers for a range of tasks from sharing assessment documents to supporting clubs and organisations going through the insport portal. DSW have reported a ‘definite impact’ on the insport programme, with clubs able to progress far quicker than they were using the previous paper-based process, and communication with these clubs is now more convenient.

The increased efficiency offered by Logic Software’s bespoke solution has been evident across participating insport organisations, with DSW partners from several different sectors able to progress through the programme with ease.