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 Learning Management System


 Willow Learning



Key Benefits

  • Programme and system capability to meet ambitious growth plans
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Improved functionality, eliminating many support issues
  • Bespoke options readily available for individual customers
  • New strategic IT partner (Logic Software), with full two-way commitment
  • Willow wins industry-recognised Gold Award for Best Online Distance Learning Programme


Willow Learning provides complete support for online learning and development, including design, delivery and evaluation. It is renowned as an experienced provider of e-learning and social learning. Whilst the company designs and delivers e-learning programmes for any learning management system (LMS), most of its clients chose to use the WillowDNA Pathway™ platform, being easier to use and price competitive against other options.

The Challenge

Our clients’ ambitious growth plans were not achievable with the existing build of their online PathwayTM LMS. Through being built elsewhere in stages over three years based on a smaller scale concept, the original Pathway™ was not easily scalable and development opportunities were limited. This also made it difficult to develop bespoke options to meet the individual needs of Willow customers.

The Solution

Following an extensive consultation process, we re-developed the software programme from scratch.  This approach enabled us to standardise and simplify the code to include alternative ways to achieve the outcomes required.

The new online Pathway™ LMS easily handles high traffic levels and has a programme structure which is scalable to meet and exceed the plans of Willow Learning. Importantly, the programme is Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliant, so all Willow e-learning content and the LMS itself can work with other SCORM compliant systems.

We continue to work with Willow Learning as a strategic partner for their business. Our work includes system maintenance, adding new functionality as required and programming bespoke options to meet new and existing client needs.

Client Benefits

New customer acquisition is now being rolled out at a fast pace whilst maintaining the high standards set by Willow Learning management. New clients are won over by the intuitive interface of the Pathway™ LMS and existing clients enjoy the new functionality to improve their e-learning experience.

With an easier-to-use, robust and SCORM compliant learning management system, our client now has the platform to easily integrate new customers.

Willow Learning has gained a readily available and experienced IT partner that values their strategic relationship and will help them achieve their goals. Safe in this knowledge, Willow management can confidently implement their growth plans.

Our Client Says

“When we needed a software developer to meet our ambitious growth plans, your company clearly stood out as a leading contender. It was vital for us to find a strategic partner with the right skills and capability that also placed the highest value in building an ongoing relationship with us. Logic scored highly in all these areas and, from my experience, you have the attributes I expect from a quality IT provider.

We are reminded daily that we made the right decision as you prove yourselves and our value to you at each touch point. Together we have formed a true partnership in every sense, much to the delight of all our management.

You are also helpful by participating in meetings with clients and potential clients. By supporting us in this way it does much to build client confidence. Equally as valuable is your ability to tease out information from both us and our clients to enable you to propose better or more cost effective ways to meet their bespoke requests.

Since you re-built our flagship Pathway™ learning management system, administration of the system is much easier for our staff. Our clients enjoy the benefits of additional features and an ongoing programme of improvement that we have been able to instigate with your help. We’re sure that your support played a part in our winning Gold for the Best Online Distance Learning Programme at the 2012 e-Learning Awards. Thank you.” – Jon Atkey, Director of Finance & Systems, Willow Learning Ltd, Bristol