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Key Benefits

  • The software has enabled PlayMoreGolf to launch the business and establish its market presence
  • Our cross-sector experience has allowed us to create custom software tailored to PlayMoreGolf’s unique business requirements
  • Establishing Logic Software as development partners to PlayMoreGolf has given confidence for future growth of the business


“Lack of leisure time and rising costs made golf an industry ripe for disruption and re-invention” – company owner Alastair Sinclair

PlayMoreGolf is the UK’s first online flexible points-based membership programme, designed to sit alongside golf clubs’ existing membership packages, helping private and proprietary golf clubs increase membership revenue by up to 50% over three years, by providing golfers with more choice and flexibility.

Logic Software was chosen via a tendering process, with PlayMoreGolf impressed by our team’s immediate grasp of the project and what would be required to make it a reality.

“What was also key was the fact that you were able to assist throughout the planning stage and the later development process, essentially developing the business concepts behind the software alongside us,” Alastair explains. “During the tendering process, no other company seemed able to do this – they just didn’t appear to have that capacity.”

The Challenge

Part of the challenge was that various different clubs used a number of off-the-shelf packages, or ‘tee-sheets’, to manage course time allocation – requiring a separate, custom API to be developed to interface with each of these. The first API, covering the most widely used tee-sheet, has been developed, with more in the pipeline for future stages of development.

As well as interacting with these tee-sheets, the software also needed to be able to calculate point allocation across the different pricing structures used by different clubs. PlayMoreGolf also had to be able to set up different account types to give members, clubs and administrators access to relevant parts of the system.

In addition, we had to bridge the gap between our solution and PlayMoreGolf’s website, built in PHP by their preferred design agency.

The Solution

The finished system comprises of a custom SQL database application, and a web portal written in ASP and C#. In order to fit PlayMoreGolf’s budget and timescale, we decided to use AgileBase to handle the CRM elements of this project. Our relationship with AgileBase allowed us to work with them to redevelop parts of their software, providing new features needed by our client.

At the heart of PlayMoreGolf’s new custom software is a sophisticated ‘points matrix’ system, which calculates point allocation based on different peak times, discounts and offers provided by different clubs. These clubs can log in to the system and easily adjust their peak times and the amount of points they request for use of their courses.

The web portal software features three different account types, for members, clubs and corporate members. Members can purchase points and allocate them across clubs; corporate accounts are set up for use by up to 4 different individuals from the same organisation. Clubs are able to administrate their peak times and rates.

The software is also integrated with Secure Trading payment system.

Client Benefits

The system Logic Software has created is a fundamental component of our business, and the market has been completely blown away by the sophistication of what we’ve now got. They’ve been able to operate almost as a department of our business, offering far more than just a usual supplier-client relationship. It’s become an on-going partnership, and one that gives us huge confidence for the future of our business.

Alastair Sinclair, company owner

The custom database software we developed alongside PlayMoreGolf has enabled the company to launch its business, creating a market impact through the combination of its unique ideas and business skill, alongside our software development expertise. Collaborating with PlayMoreGolf from day one has allowed us to have a clear understanding of the way the business operates, and will allow for continued co-operation in future.

We’re looking forward to working closely with PlayMoreGolf on the next stage of its mission to re-invent the way golf is played in the UK. It’s a project that definitely won’t be hitting the bunker!

Your team are real stars and regularly impress me with their knowledge and skill, not to mention excellent people skills. They are a real credit to you

Lynn Sinclair, company owner

Logic Software is your trusted partner for developing custom software solutions, as demonstrated by our successful collaboration with PlayMoreGolf to create a membership management software tailored to their unique needs. Our cross-sector experience allowed us to deliver a custom software solution that empowered PlayMoreGolf to launch their business and establish a strong market presence. We worked closely with the client throughout the planning and development stages, ensuring a deep understanding of their business concepts and objectives. Our team overcame challenges such as integrating with different tee-sheet packages and implementing a sophisticated points matrix system. The finished system consists of a custom SQL database application and a web portal, providing seamless functionality for members, clubs, and corporate users. The partnership between Logic Software and PlayMoreGolf extends beyond a typical supplier-client relationship, offering ongoing support and confidence for the future. Experience the exceptional service and expertise of Logic Software as we continue to innovate and support your business growth.