Membership Software for Golfers

Play More GolfLogic Software has recently completed the first stage of an ambitious new project with Oxfordshire-based PlayMoreGolf, the UK’s first online points-based flexible membership software programme, to offer golfers a new, affordable and flexible approach to golf club membership in the UK.

‘A lack of leisure time, and rising costs, were causing a drop in interest in this fantastic sport. In short, we saw it as an industry ripe for disruption and reinvention.’ – Alastair Sinclair

Established by entrepreneurs Alastair and Lynn Sinclair alongside their business partners Daniel Hodson and Jamie Carroll, PlayMoreGolf’s innovative online points programme sits alongside golf clubs’ existing membership packages and is designed to help increase membership revenue by up to 50% over three years, by providing golfers with more choice and flexibility.

PlayMoreGolf initiated a tendering process, which put the company in touch with Logic Software.  Our ability to work alongside PlayMoreGolf to develop the business concepts behind the software they needed proved to be an ideal match for the forward-thinking company, and we quickly established a partnership that will see us working with PlayMoreGolf on the future stages of its mission to revitalise golf across the UK.

“I thank our lucky stars that we met you,” says Lynn Sinclair. “Logic have been brilliant and I’m thrilled with the system and all the functionality it provides us with. Your team are real stars and regularly impress me with your knowledge and skill.”

Our ASP and C# project, hosted on a secure Azure server, forms the core of how PlayMoreGolf operates, and we’ve also worked closely with CRM provider AgileBase to develop new features required by our client.

PlayMoreGolf has recently launched, and is already creating substantial interest in the UK golf market, as well as being covered in the February issue of GMé Magazine, one of Europe’s leading UK golf management publications.

We’re delighted to have been involved in this exciting project, and our team are very much looking forward to working with PlayMoreGolf on the next stage of development.  Who knows – we might even have some half-decent golf players in our midst by then!

View the PlayMore Golf Case Study here.