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 Database Development


 Professional Driver Services



Key Benefits

  1. Increased market share to 40%
  2. Significantly increased turnover and profit
  3. Freed up staff time to provide a higher level of customer care to their own clients
  4. Recognised with the Innovation through Technology Award by the Chamber of Commerce


Professional Driver Services (PDS) is a driver training organisation dedicated to providing genuine and lasting improvements in road safety. Based in the Vale of Glamorgan, PDS is one of only a handful of Driving Standards Agency (DSA) approved National Fleet Diploma Training Organisations in the United Kingdom.

The Challenge

PDS were one of the first companies in the UK to take advantage of a change in road safety legislation and the need to supply training services to support the new national driver training schemes. Therefore, a database to manage the sign-up process and share data with business partners was required.

The Solution

Logic Software built a web-based driver management database called ATLAS for PDS and then created interfaces for around half the UK’s county councils, police forces and safety camera partnerships to enable them to communicate efficiently and manage driver registrations for the national Driver Improvement and Speed Awareness Schemes.

  • The database needed to be secure, but also to be accessible to a large number of users and members of the public. Links to other databases, such as the police, were also required.
  • ATLAS also interfaces with a public web site which allows drivers to book themselves onto a driver improvement course and pay online, or they can opt to attend a magistrate’s court instead.
  • Logic Software has, more recently, completed the implementation of ATLAS version 2, and has successfully rolled this out to all users. Further development is ongoing to increase the functionality and to interface directly with the main Police DORS database.
  • Additionally, a management tool was created to allow PDS to set up different workflows in the system to allow their different clients to manage their own data.
  • In addition to the development of ATLAS, PDS has also engaged Logic Software to create an electronic solution for the effective delivery of other road safety initiatives in the UK.

“With the assistance of Logic Software, we envisage this will be as successful as our previous endeavours with ATLAS. As a company, we have found Logic Software to be extremely professional and efficient, and would not hesitate in recommending them as a supplier.

Client Benefits

Building the ATLAS software package has allowed PDS to bid, and win, a number of large contracts. ATLAS provides a high degree of automation for manual data processing, so the company was able to keep its overheads low as it grew rapidly.

With the invaluable assistance of Logic Software, ATLAS is now the leading software solution for the administration of National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) in the UK and it is currently administering over 55 Schemes in 19 different UK regions equating to approximately a 40% market share for PDS. Without the support of Logic Software, the growth in this area of our business would not have been as significant as it has been in recent years.

– Gareth Bevan, ATLAS Project Manager.