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Helping Sports Wales develop a bespoke system


web application for organisations to accumulate feedback and review performance over time


Sport Wales


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Key Benefits

  • Allows Sport Wales partner organisations to easily track their performance across KPIs.
  • Generate visual reports based on performance scores for easily sharing information
  • Improvement Plan tool to help organisations roadmap performance objectives


Sport Wales is a national organisation responsible for developing sport and physical activity in Wales, and acts as the main adviser on sporting matters to the Welsh Government. Through its work supporting sporting organisations and providing sporting facilities, Sport Wales aims to build a ‘nation of champions’ by encouraging positive attitudes towards sport and facilitating active engagement.

The organisation’s ‘Every Child Hooked on Sport for Life’ initiative highlights the role sport plays in education, and supports schools in providing sporting opportunities.

The Challenge

Sport Wales needed a new web-based software application that would allow their partner organisations – of which there are around 50 – to track their performance across key areas, and build improvement plans for the future. No standardised tool existed for benchmarking performance in this way and, as a national organisation, Sport Wales required a solution that was both robust and simple.

Logic Software was asked to take on the challenge after demonstrating that we could implement all the required features, on budget, while delivering significantly better value for money than other development firms considered for the project.

Sport Wales was also keen to work with Logic Software because of our team’s approach; whereas development firms will commonly provide a simple ‘build what we say’ service contract, our developers prefer to work closely with clients in order to help them develop the ideas behind the software. This collaborative style is something that many of our clients have noted as being a significant factor in project successes.

The Solution

The software our team built contains all the features required by Sport Wales. Accessible online, the software provides a standardised process which users for each organisation go through, anonymously providing scores for their organisation’s performance across key categories. The software can then uses these scores to calculate average category scores and generate a clear, precise visual report for group discussions. This report can also be printed or exported as a PDF file.

All data captured by the software can be exported as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, with customisation options for individual organisations, assessment question and year.

Different levels of access are provided, with some users having the ability to create user groups and invite other users to participate in feedback scoring. Users can adjust some elements of the software’s visual branding to match that of their organisation.

Logic Software also provide server hosting for the software.

Client Benefits

Logic Software were the right choice for this project – they’ve provided all the features we’ve asked for, and worked with us to help develop the way the software works. Feedback from our partner organisations has been very positive, and they’re happy to see a solution that really supports what they need to do

James Owens, Manager, Sport Wales

The software has provided a standardised process for Sport Wales’ partner organisations to record and track their own performance and plan improvements, as well as providing visual reports to facilitate these plans. Although the software has been in use only a relatively short amount of time, feedback has been positive, with organisations noting the ability to view performance changes chronologically as particularly useful.

Information captured by the software will be of use to Sport Wales in future endeavours, too, as viewing performance data across organisations allows for a ‘big picture’ view of issues affecting sport provision in Wales.