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Key Benefits

  • Allowed the business to open a new production line with flexibility for future growth.
  • The new suite of database applications has given BAMC a stable platform to support future growth and, importantly, it can now operate with greater flexibility because the IT solutions now fully supports the business processes.


BAMC is an engineering facility for British Airways based at Cardiff International Airport and responsible for the maintenance of BA’s fleet of 747, 777 and 767 aircraft.

The Challenge

We needed a supplier that could understand our processes and be prepared to work with us. The Logic Software team were patient and helped us develop a cost-effective solution that met our business needs. The people at Logic Software make a great team.

Alan Parsons, Facilities Manager

With the introduction of a new production line at BAMC, the company was experiencing difficulties maintaining its existing database system, which had grown organically over time. The management team recognised this as a potential issue and took the decision to consolidate several disparate systems into a single database.

The Solution

  • Logic Software developed a series of custom written web-based interfaces built on a single shared database platform
  • With the impending delivery of the new production line for the 767 fleet, it was important for the IT systems to fully support the working methods of each department and maintain maximum efficiency and safe working practices
  • As the new system was being developed, departmental managers were able to incorporate new features to aid them in their work, which they had been unable to do with the legacy systems
  • Logic Software also provided a three year server hosting and support contract, ensuring that BAMC would see a maximum return on investment
  • The system was built to be flexible so that it could manage the changing needs of the business in the future allowing for the software to map any reconfiguration in the hangar facilities