The miFuture Project

The miFuture Project

Many of our recent client projects have focused on training and education – creating the next generation of experts who’ll drive the multitude of sectors our clients operate in. It’s exciting stuff, and thinking about the future is always great for motivation.

We looked recently at a piece of software we built for the NHS, a challenging project given the national-level scale of it all, but a successful one, and well-received by its users.

Now we’d like to share some information surrounding a project that could make a big difference to young people facing the big question: ‘where next?’


Logo of the miFuture projectIt’s a project we’re very excited about; developing a whole new way for the UK’s school leavers to plan their futures.

When frequent Logic Software partners Huw David Design were approached by the creators of miFuture to design branding for the project, they knew we’d be the perfect match for miFuture’s web-based software needs.

The project is based around a simple idea: it needs to be easier for young people to find the jobs, opportunities and higher education that fits them. At the same time, there needs to be an easy way for employers, course providers and educational institutions to find people who fit those opportunities.

The main core of what our software development teams created for miFuture centres around a rather nifty and complex sorting algorithm. Based on data provided from site users, the algorithm can match school leavers to opportunities in a precise, detailed manner, and provide them with automatic notifications when it’s found a perfect match.

We hope to be able to share more about our work on the miFuture project soon; for now, like so many of our current clients, we’re thinking about what the future holds.

You can find out more about miFuture by following @mifuture1 on twitter.