Recruitment Database Software



Recruitment database software & web application for school leavers (15-19 years old) to find educational, vocational and training opportunities.





Key Benefits

  • Allows opportunity providers and school leavers to be automatically matched via a bespoke sorting algorithm and recruitment database software application.
  • Initial development stage allows miFuture to attract interest and grow their reputation as market leaders.
  • Having a software developer partner on-hand gives miFuture the ability to further develop their product as client needs and market develops.


As part of her 8 years of teaching experience, miFuture founder Gemma Hallett helped her students understand what opportunities were available to them, both in further education and in the workplace.

She found it was often difficult to motivate young people to find the opportunities that are out there as the process of doing so – involving hundreds of job sites and lengthy searches – was arduous and often daunting.

Taking inspiration from popular social media platforms, she decided to develop a new way for school leavers to find their futures.

The Challenge

Gemma approached frequent Logic Software partners Huw David Design to create the branding and front-end look of the new system. HDD recognised that Logic Software’s wealth of web application experience made us the perfect software development company to build the system behind miFuture, and recommended us.

The miFuture platform needed to deliver on several fronts: it had to be highly user-friendly, and it had to remove ‘barriers’ to finding opportunities by making the process as intuitive as possible. Above all, it was essential that users were provided with the opportunities that matched their experience, skills and interests as closely as possible, to avoid them being ‘flooded’ with irrelevant information- the old problem that miFuture is intended to solve.

If courses, careers, training and more were going to exist on the system, miFuture also needed to provide features for opportunity providers that ensured a high level of visibility for their content.

The Solution

Working with an entirely new concept, Gemma was originally unsure if some of the bigger ideas behind miFuture would be possible. By working alongside Gemma and her team, Logic Software were able to specify three stages of software development that would actually realise these ideas in full.

The first stage contains many of the key features that help position miFuture as the go-to choice for young people thinking about their future. Profile pages capture details from new users, which are entered into a sorting system which continually searches for matches in miFuture’s opportunity database and presents them to users in a live ‘feed’. miFuture can even take these details and generate a professional, formatted CV for users to download straight from the site.

Opportunities added by employers or educational institutions require the same details, and start being matched to users from the minute the opportunity is uploaded. In order to do this, we developed a powerful, fast and precise sorting algorithm to filter the large amounts of data uploaded to the system by users and providers.

Filters are optional – users can be as precise or as open to suggestion as they like; a design decision from Gemma intended to help solve the ‘I don’t know what to do after school’ conundrum without making the system less useful for those with very clear ideas about where they’re headed next.

Future stages of development will look at expanding the system, including new ways for opportunity providers to connect directly with potential candidates.

Client Benefits

It was a highly professional yet approachable process, it was great to have a project manager who I had access to via email, telephone and popping in for a chat. Now that we are live we are gaining valuable feedback, the next stage for us is to develop phase two and three with the input of Logic’s development team and our Logic Software project manager. We will go from strength to strength now, and each phase of development will help our growth through Wales and ultimately the UK.

Gemma Hallett, Founder, miFuture.

Just over a month after the first phase of miFuture went live, the system had more than 160 opportunities available, and had made 245 matches between  users and career possibilities. The user-friendly nature of miFuture has enabled the platform to attract and retain users and garner attention from employers and educators.

Working with a third-party mobile app development firm, we were also able to bring miFuture to Android-based mobile developers, helping grow the potential user base considerably.
The first live development phase has given miFuture a springboard to launch and begin growing its reputation, as well as giving our client the confidence to continue with Logic Software as their chosen bespoke software development partner.