Workflow Management System



 Workflow Management System


 NHS London



Key Benefits

  • Control of budgetary allocation at multiple levels
  • Error-free and audit trailed approval/rejection process
  • A single integrated system for all users
  • Date and status based management


Each year, the London Strategic Health Authority procures professional and personal development courses from 12 Higher Education Institutes for 70 NHS Trusts in the London area.

Logic Software developed a web-based budgeting and workflow system to help the SHA create and manage the contractual agreement between the Trusts, Education Providers and the Strategic Health Authority.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a secure and controlled environment for Education Providers to list available courses and allow appropriate authorised procurement of those courses, from user (with different levels of purchasing authority, within each Trust.

The system also had to carefully control budgetary constraints at all levels to ensure that an overspend was not possible and, in addition, manage a complex, aggregated course approval/rejection process.

The Solution

The software platform developed by Logic Software gives each individual user of the system a dashboard view and reporting tool for their specific domain.

An Education Provider has the ability to bulk upload and edit courses whilst also having fine grain control to add/edit courses through a wizard-based approach. Any course procurement by the Trusts starts an approval/rejection process, which the Education Provider is ultimately responsible for.

Each Trust using the system can search for courses to commission using free-text searches, advanced field-based searches and search result-filtering functionality. Once appropriate courses are found, they can be selected for commissioning and started on the approval process.

The Strategic Health Authority can control high level budget allocation and de-centralise lower levels of Trust-based monetary distribution to appropriate Education Training Leads and Trust Clusters.

Client Benefits

  • Ensures that budget allocation and spend responsibilities are distributed across appropriate levels of user, de-centralising the whole process, which results in a huge decrease in time spent administering the process
  • An electronic error-free process which controls the end-to-end approval/rejection workflow
  • A single integrated system for all users removes the need for any external, and untracked, communication which could lead to misunderstandings and errors
  • Provides complete control of the contractual cut-off dates and system status
  • Prevents budget overspend and misunderstanding of course contracts