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Logic Software earns Microsoft Silver Competency in Application Development

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Logic Software has recently achieved ‘Microsoft Silver Partner’ status as part of the ‘Microsoft Partnership’ network scheme. The scheme allows for companies to undergo various tests and close scrutiny to ascertain their ability to deliver high-quality software, solutions and support based on Microsoft technologies.

In order to obtain Silver Partner status, we have achieved a ‘Competency’ in Application Development. Microsoft Partnership competencies demonstrate expertise and business focus within a specific area, and represent ‘consistent capability, expertise and commitment’ according to Microsoft.

Microsoft considers Partner Network members who have achieved a Silver Competency as part of an ‘elite tier’ with ‘proven expertise in delivering quality solutions.’

Microsoft Silver Competency means better bespoke software

Logic Software’s Managing Director, Darryl Morton, said ‘Our Silver Partnership status represents our commitment to training and career development. It helps raise our profile with clients as a company dedicated to delivering quality, and is a recognition from Microsoft of our development capabilities.’

‘We always want to give companies as many reasons as we can to choose Logic Software’, said Head of Commercial, Tim Whalley. ‘Silver Partner status is another way we can demonstrate to clients that when it comes to developing their software, we know what we’re doing!

Our long history of positive client feedback attests to this already, but having the Microsoft ‘seal of approval’ is a sign to many companies that we’re a skilled, highly competent development firm to work with.’

Perhaps most importantly, it also means that we’ve received a fantastic new flag and plaque for the office, celebrating our partnership status. They go rather well with the colour scheme!

Logic Software acquires new Microsoft Silver Partner Status

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More about the Microsoft Partnership Network and Silver Competencies

The Silver Application Development Competency forms part of Logic Software’s work developing best-in-class software solutions based on the latest Microsoft Technology. It also helps further this commitment, by giving our development teams access to Silver Partner benefits, including greater access to Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise with MSDN subscriptions.

Across the entire Microsoft Partner Network, only a small percentage achieve a Silver partner competency or higher – in 2011, Microsoft predicted this at around 5%.

The Silver Competency requires that at least two of a company’s development staff are Certified Microsoft Professionals, a process involving an exam that tests a wide range of expertise within a key area. Four members of our development staff have completed a relevant exam, focusing primarily on in-depth knowledge of C#-based development.

You can find out more about our staff exam passes here. A fifth member of staff is preparing to take the exam in the near future.

The Microsoft Certified Professional exam passes are part of our company policy to ensure our staff have continual access to training and development. We believe this as an essential part of keeping us at the cutting edge of Microsoft-based software development companies in the UK.