Sage Integration

It’s unsurprising that many UK businesses use Sage software; the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne based company has more than 6.4million customers worldwide, and is the world’s largest supplier of business software to SMEs.

It’s therefore a logical step (no pun intended) for Logic Software to offer Sage integration for clients’ financial systems. A such, custom business software that we provide for UK companies can now be built to work seamlessly with their existing financial processes; a far more cost-effective solution than creating additional bespoke finance systems.

We’ve already successfully carried out this process for several of our clients. Examples include the software we provided for a manufacturing company, which allowed for online orders to be placed alongside their stock-control system. Part of the project was to seamlessly integrate the ordering and invoicing processes into the company’s Sage system.

More recently, we’ve done the same for the South Wales School of Non-Destructive Testing. As part of their process for completing tests for clients, their new custom invoice system needed to be implemented with Sage to allow them to quickly and easily deal with payments to minimise workflow and without the need to re-train staff.

Sage integration offers many clear benefits for companies looking to make implementation of new bespoke software as hassle-free as possible. It’s just another way in which we can make things simpler.