Globe Crossing Developer

Logic Software Update: Global Manufacturing Software and Bespoke Sports Club DatabaseWe’ve had to send one of our senior developers to Eastern Europe. Much as we’d love to say it was a sudden, generous gesture to give him an expenses-paid trip, the fact is he’s been evaluating the business processes of one of several manufacturing plants operated by a big new client.

They create radio technology for large-scale companies, and the bespoke software we’re building for them will have a part in almost every stage of the process, from customisation of stock circuit boards to quality testing and batch allocation.

Tracking products through every stage of manufacture across 5 countries is no mean feat, but our software will need to do just that. Built partially around APIS for Microsoft AX, and encompassing dependency injection techniques for product testing data, our solution will work alongside our client’s in-house hardware and proprietary software. As with all our clients, we’re working closely with them to understand every aspect of how they operate – even if it does mean racking up the Air Miles.

It’s a global-scale project, but the biggest advantage for our client will be the ability to keep things local. With a number of 3rd party manufacturers across the world providing different components, updating product specifications was a time-consuming process that required remotely-accessing each manufacturer’s server and implementing changes individually. Now, it can all be done at the touch of a button, all from one office, with any changes made being replicated automatically across facilities.

The software is in the implementation testing phase, and we’re planning to roll the software out across the course of this year.

Sporty little numbers

Requiring less globe-trotting, but by no means less interesting, is another piece of bespoke software created for a sporting company closer to home. They want to introduce a subscription based system for sports clubs. We can’t give too much away, but it’s a new concept that’s got our office sports-fans excited.

The software itself, currently in the planning stages, has to do some serious number crunching, keeping track of clubs, players and a complex points system. Well, complex from our end – the skill is in making it as easy as possible for our client’s customers!

It’s a fixed-budget project requiring creative, tight-corner thinking. We’re using a third-party CRM to help our client reduce costs, and it’s been an enjoyable challenge to work out how to deliver everything needed around this external component.

What do you need?

That’s just two of our current bespoke software development projects – but we think they demonstrate that the year’s certainly bringing us some diverse projects!

The ability of our development teams to tackle any problem in any sector is something we’ve always taken pride in. If you need a software developer, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your needs – we can’t wait to see what our teams will be taking on next.