New Development Support Team

Development Support Team

It’s an unusual lunch break if the office kitchen isn’t full of conversations about American football. It seems to be something of a trend here – several of our project managers have a passion for the sport.

This love for team sports isn’t really that surprising, though, considering the work we do; knowing the importance of teamwork is vital for both. Sure, there’s (relatively) little danger of getting tackled by armour-clad linebackers in the office, but when you’re delivering complex projects and support for clients, you need to know your team is behind you all the way.

At a recent company meeting, an exciting new addition to Logic Software was announced, one which would be very much built upon this solid bedrock of co-operation. Alongside our existing coding and support teams, a new third team was being introduced. The idea behind this new team was clear – they would allow us to increase client focus by taking over a lot of support tasks and smaller pieces of work from the larger teams. This means the larger teams can specialise more, increasing the efficiency with which the entire company operates.

The new team has been named Europa, to match our existing teams Io and Ganymede, named after the moons of Jupiter.We like to think this is because they keep in synch with the company’s goals like moons orbit a planet; the fact that it also sounds pretty good is just a bonus. More important is the fact that the team will form part of our ISO-9001 accredited quality management scheme, and that we’re recruiting two new developers this month to join those already in the team. We’re also bringing in a very talented web designer to help make sure projects are as smart-looking as they are efficient.

Paul’s the project manager in charge of Europa; he’s certain of the benefits the new team will bring to both Logic Software and our customers. ‘It essentially opens a lot more room for movement,’ he said. ‘Having Team Europa ready to roll when it comes to support allows us to be more agile in how we deal with clients. It’s going to increase how client-facing we are tenfold – we’ll have a lot more time to show that we’re there to help. In a word, it’s brilliant’

It’s a pretty important step for Logic Software, and represents the recent success we’ve had as the company continues to grow. What the new team will mean to our clients is exciting enough; more support, bigger projects, better outcomes. As for our staff – well, they’ve responded to the news with even more enthusiasm than those lunch-break football talks. The only downside is that no-one’s volunteered to wear a big mascot costume.