Cyber Essentials accreditation

Logic Software's certificate displaying Cyber Essentials accreditationLogic Software has achieved Cyber Essentials accreditation. Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed scheme to advise businesses on protecting themselves against cyber attack.

Cyber Essentials Accreditation

A Cyber Essentials accreditation certifies that the company awarded are taking the required measures to protect against the majority of common online threats.

The areas covered by the assessment were drawn from analysis of successful ‘cyber attacks’; this analysis was carried out by CESG (GCHQ’s information security arm).

These areas include two-factor authentication for system access, frequently updated anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall software, as well as appropriate levels of clearance to ensure that only authorised staff members can access sensitive data.

The assessment process requires our staff to be aware of the potential threats to the data they handle, and to be familiar with the measures required to protect our systems.

The Cyber Essentials Scheme covers the essentials of cyber attack mitigation, and forms part of Logic Software’s wider security measures, which we frequently review and update.

Logic Software Head of Commercial, Tim Whalley, said ‘We’re often trusted by our clients to host and protect systems that process sensitive data. The Cyber Essential certification is another way we can show our dedication to keeping client data under digital lock and key.’