WillowDNA + Logic Software

Partnership builds “technical education company” to transform eLearning

The learning management system, or LMS, is by now a staple of organisational learning and development programmes. So entrenched is it that many companies believe it’s outdated, that the promise hasn’t kept pace with the needs of digitally-savvy modern employees, and they seek more sophisticated capabilities.

Those companies have clearly never seen Pathway LMS.

Logic Software is proud to announce its new joint venture with WillowDNA, creators of the Pathway LMS. Together, the software specialists and the education specialists seek to transform eLearning, believing it can be so much more than just online text modules and tick-box exercises.

Pathway LMS is a mobile-friendly learning platform that enables access from anywhere at any time. The hosted solution adapts to the individuals needs of an organisation, with content available in multiple formats to suit different learning styles.

A compelling proposition: both technology and education expertise

To dazzle the disbelievers, Logic Software and WillowDNA are working together to take learning and development into a new age.

In the education corner we have WillowDNA, born in 2005 out of learning and development expertise developed in the corporate world. Over those 15 years, it has won numerous awards and worked with brands including Ericsson, Unilever, Cisco, O2, John Lewis and Volvo. 

In the technology corner sits Logic Software, a two decades-strong custom software development company boasting names such as British Airways, ABP, Sport Wales and the NHS as clients. A certified Microsoft Silver Partner for Application Development, a current Nominet member and a recipient of the Cyber Essentials Accreditation, Logic is also ISO-9001 registered.

Both organisations bring a flexible, tailored approach and a style that meets the needs of individual clients. This is a client-centric joint venture, and one which brings the best of both worlds to organisations looking to develop their learning and development offerings.

The partnership centres around the Pathway LMS, which has won Gold in the eLearning Awards, was shortlisted for an LPI Award, and took Silver for eLearning Company of the Year in 2016.

Putting the learners, not the technology, first

Organisations across sectors and size already work with Pathway LMS to deliver eLearning with a collaborative, more social slant:

  • Telefonica O2 transformed its organisation-wide leadership development programme, saving both time and money
  • The Royal College of Physicians created a flexible, engaging program that covered a range of assessment tools in a way that was contextual and added real value to CPD training
  • The IPA deployed Pathway LMS as part of a training and certification programme, and found enrolment increased by 200%

Together, Logic Software and WillowDNA aim to bring this unique learning management experience to organisations and businesses across the UK, leveraging each company’s expertise to transform the eLearning landscape.

For more details on Pathway LMS, contact us on 01443 808 555.